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A selection of landscapes from the southern coastal areas in the USA, these paintings range from South Carolina, Georgia, and the Gulf states. When painting the area, I looked for strong color and avoided the muted grays and dull greens that you mostly see. Visiting old plantations and homesteads near sunset in the fall really proved there is a lot more going on in the colors which leads to great impressionist and abstract opportunities as an artist. The resurrection fern grows on tree limbs and is dormant until rain causes it to unroll, revealing its bright green which adds color and interest to the trees that are hundreds of year old. Other interesting southern landscapes are the beaches and marshes. The waterways are full of life and plants that make interesting design patterns in the composition of the paintings. Plus, of course, the water and reflective light adds so much to the drama and mood of the scene. I loved the white cranes and different birds that seemed to be everywhere, and I always had an eye out looking for gators!

Southern Low Country Landscapes

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