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A summer aspen grove is green on green, with lush green grasses and wildflowers. At least at 8000 ft. or higher, there are no bugs, just a nice cool breeze. They call them Quaking Aspens because the leaves shake in the breeze. One thing I learned painting in the wild, was the aspen leaf is thin, making it transparent. It will cast the color of the leaf like a colored spot light onto everything including the tree trunks creating a magical glow. This is true in the fall, especially when you have yellows and oranges at play. I have also learned that light coming from the left can hit a white tree and reflect back to the right of another. Also, as the white tree trunks get closer to the canopy they turn a grey green and purple grey color. Now as they get closer to the ground, the light on the grasses and foliage reflects a warm and cool green light up into the tree trunks.  


Summer Aspens

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