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Well, I never thought I would paint wildlife! But, as I was standing in the wilderness painting plein air landscape, I learned that if you are just still, something will walk or fly by you sooner or later. One doesn't have to go looking for it. I've been surrounded by elk, seen the splash of a beaver tail, and been scared a bit by bison and bull elk. I've learned that one needs to respect the animal and give it its natural distance. I do enjoy them moving through a landscape, it adds another element to the experience. I'm not a wildlife painter, but I paint landscapes with animals in their environment. I love just painting small studies of them too. Using a chunk of pastel and capturing an eye and look with a little attitude is the challenge.

It's the greatest experience when wildlife sees you and decides you are not a threat and allows you to observe and be a part of their day. There is nothing like having a Golden Eagle 20 ft. away watching you paint.

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